Meet our Team at Raglan Dental:

Dr Caleb Harvie (Dentist)


Dr. Caleb Harvie is a passionate and dedicated dentist who is committed to providing comprehensive patient care with a focus on  up to date techniques, and long-lasting, high-quality workmanship. With a special interest in cutting-edge same-day crown and bridge work, orthodontics; including clear aligners, oral surgery, dental implants, gold standard composite fillings, strong, beautiful and natural-looking crowns and veneers, Dr. Caleb is dedicated to using the most advanced technology available to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients.


Dr. Caleb is also extremely caring and considerate of his patients’ individual desires and limitations, and he goes to great lengths to make sure that his patients are educated on all aspects of their dental health as well as the potential pros and cons of all treatment options, including their cost. For highly anxious patients, Dr. Caleb offers in-chair awake sedation and general anesthesia for those who require it.


Having now worked for a number of years in Ballarat, Dr. Caleb is committed to providing the highest level of care to his patients while also ensuring their comfort and satisfaction. If you are looking for a caring, skilled, and experienced dentist, look no further than Dr. Caleb at Raglan Dental. 


Dr Neil Boland (Dentist)

Introducing Dr. Neil, a consummate professional in the field of dentistry. Recently concluding his tenure as an Associate Dentist at Ware Dental Care in Hertfordshire, Dr. Neil is a distinguished graduate of King’s College London. His expertise spans a wide spectrum of dental procedures, with a particular emphasis on aesthetic treatments and intricate extractions. Renowned for his polished communication skills and unwavering commitment to patient welfare, Dr. Neil consistently endeavors to remain at the forefront of dental advancements. With a steadfast dedication to excellence, he ensures that each patient receives the utmost care and attention tailored to their individual needs.


Dr. Winny Mathews (Dentist)

Dr. Winny Mathews is a young and dynamic dentist who recently relocated from Geelong to Ballarat, Australia. She completed her Bachelors in dental surgery from India and has been practicing dentistry for a little over 1 year. Winny is a passionate and dedicated dentist who loves to work with children and young people, and has a special interest in restorative dentistry.

In her free time, Winny enjoys playing badminton and reading.  She has two adorable dogs, whom she loves, and often takes them on walks around her new town.

Since moving to Ballarat, Winny has been actively involved in the local community and Church and is known for her kind and friendly nature. She is committed to providing the highest quality dental care to her patients and is always looking for ways to improve her skills and knowledge.